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•   Betse Ashley (Rosson)  8/12
•   Debbie Mebane (Kennedy)  8/9
•   Vick Chambers  8/3
•   Nancy Weyel (Ruff)  8/3
•   Lynn Fuller  8/2
•   Jack Greene  7/31
•   Belva Shipp (LaRoux)  7/30
•   Barbara Faver (Herod)  7/27
•   Max Moreland (Moreland)  7/26
•   Dorthy Lloyd (Beaty)  7/25
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1 lives in Alaska
2 live in Arkansas
1 lives in Mississippi
1 lives in Nevada
2 live in New Mexico
46 live in Texas
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in South Africa
122 location unknown


•   Norman Canon  8/17
•   Dorthy Lloyd (Beaty)  8/23
•   Loretta Bryce (Lee)  8/26
•   Nancy Weyel (Ruff)  8/27
•   Charles Armstead (Armstead)  9/14


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 32.2%

A:   58   Joined
B:   122   Not Joined

Snyder High School
Class of 1968

Welcome to Snyder High School Class of 1968 Reunion Website



  CHECK FOR NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS AT                                                                BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE





Hello, this site is designed to be a central site to assist us planning preparing for our 50th, that's right, 50th class reunion.   If you are new to this site, please click "First Time Use" on the top bar.  There is a little administrative work to set up to be able to use the site and information on how to navigate the site.  

Please fill out as much information as possible in your personal profile section so we can have up to date info for the reunion and keep you posted.  Fill out only what you want,  but would at least like name, address, email and phone number. You can add information and post pictures to share on the site on your personal profile page.  

From time to time there will be surveys and  polls to get input on activities, dates, pricing etc.  Also if you have contact information on any of our "missing classmates" listed please let them know about the site and join the fun.  I'll be posting suggestions from other reunions, pics of possible venue locations, caters, reunion activities etc.

Please also help in updating and checking the "In Memory" section for an accurate list of classmates we have lost. 


1. WHAT'S NEW -This is were we do our day to day discussion of any and all items with comments similar to a Facebook post.  

2. ANNOUNCMENTS -These are one time post on the home page that do not allow comments from others.  They can, if desired, be set to run a selected period of time and then expire. The Announcment section is normally used by site admistrators or committee chairpersons. 

3.  CLASSMATE PROFILES - All the information supplied by our fellow classmates 

4.  MESSAGE CENTER -  A private email exchange between members of this web page. You can send to one or as many classmates as you wish. 

5. SURVEYS AND POLLS - Set up by the administrator to obtain stats on the general opinons of the group on various subjects requarding the reunion. 

6.  COMMITTEE PAGE - We will have a page on committees for different portions of the reunion as they are formed. 

Several sections are currently "Under Consturction" and will be added as we progress with the planning.  Right now setting the date and securing a venue location  and locating our classmates are the top prioity.

After we get a hard date, location and decide on activities this site will be capable of taking registration for each event, taking payments, emailing reciepts, printing nametags, offer products for the reunion for purchase (T-shirts, mugs, whatever).  

This site is only as good as the information we input please participate and check it reguarly.








We are doing pretty good  in getting more classmates reponse to this page and the reunion.  Again, if you have contact info with any classmate that has not signed on to, please contact them.  They don't have to fill out a bunch of information, just basic stuff so we can give them updates etc. 

Good news have had several join since last announcement - 

Vick Chambers

Kenneth Shifflett

Jan Barton

Dian Heard

Perry Neal Henderson

The email section of this site has been updated to include the newest members. 

I'm in contact with other classmates that are wanting to help and/or planning to come.  Frankie Grimmett has contacted Tommy Bullard, O.L. Cooper and Max Moreland with excellent responses.  I talked to Steve Moffett in Lubbock awhile back and he is on board.   Also Jan Raines said that Jerry Raines is planning on coming.  Vicki Bell and Regina Ellis also are helping. 

All in all, it looks like were are going to have I great response, sooner or later. 

I met with the owners of Blackwood BBQ ref. the Sat night dinner.  They are on board.   We will have the place to ourselves, served on-site BBQ - 2 meats, two veggies, bread and drink.  Fountain drinks and tea the remainder of the night included.  

Friday night it was decieded to have a mixer at the Butcher Block resturant.  We have two rooms reserved, cash bar, appetizers etc.  

Will be adding a survey requarding the golf outing to guage the interest. 

Other activities will be added to this site when they are finallized.  

Thanks for all the help.  Please keep in touch and give your input. 



Had an excellent first reunion planning meeting in Snyder this weekend.  Thanks to all that attended.  Special thanks to three members of the Class of '69 for attending and being part of our planning. 

Big item was setting the date for the reunion.  Based on the results of our online survey and the consensus of those in attendence the weekend of  October 5, 6th was selected.  We know that may not be optimal for everyone but no date is.  That week is early enough that the weather should be conducive to outside activites if scheduled. 

If available, the Blackwood B'B'Q location was tenatively selected for the Saturday dinner.  It's large, causal atmosphere, inexpensive and the carter service would be on-site. (see Venue Section of this page).  I will be contacting them today to check availbilty and try to negotiate us a "deal".  When complete I will update this information on the site. 

As far as activities Friday and Saturday go we tenatively shedulded the following events.  It still a long time until the reunion so these activities can be added to, changed or whatever as we go along. 

Golf Tournament - First thing we will do a survey on this site to determine if there is enough intrest to have a tournament.  If there is  Vic Chambers is helping with this event.  We discussed maybe having in on Friday to open up Sat for other activites for all.  Survey to follow.  

Saturday Morning -  Will have a bus tour of Snyder.  Start out at the High School with a guided tour of the old and the new.  See if you can find your locker (if they still have lockers).  From there to the Scurry Co. Museum for a tour.  Then a narrated drive though town highlighting icons from our school years (Travis, Lamar, Thrill Hill, Sweet Shop etc) and new additions to Snyder. Lots "I remeber when....." stories during this portion of the tour.  Next a stop at Triangle Sinclair for a "coke social" with 60's music, vintage '68 car for photos.  Last stop Historical Heritage Village by the coliseum for another tour.  Then we'll find a place for a light lunch.

Discussed perhaps for those so inclinded to meet in mid afternoon at the Tiger Bowl.  I'll go by and see if we can get "a deal" there as well. 

Saturday Night - Dinner and banquet at Blackwood B'B'Q (see Venue).  It was decied to limit decorations to old pictures, annuals and other memorabilia and not spend alot on banners, centerpieces, flowers  and the like.   Food to be provide by Blackwood (excellent BBQ) at a resonable price (more on that below).  Committee will be selected to provide the reunion program for the dinner.  I'm thinkin' Pam Cumbie would be a natural.  Norman Cannon has agreed to handle the music, so all complaints to be directed to him. Vicki Minor (Bell) is looking into photo booth.  

Friday Nigt Get-together -  Couple of options at this time. First is getting a room or two at the Butcher Block (restaruant in old train depot east of sq).  Cash bar and light appetizers.

Second option -  Hayride in country to bluff overlooking Deep Creek for outside social .  Veiw is exceptional for Scurry Co.  BYOB.  Christie Devers, a proffessional executive chef by the way, and her husband Rick have volunteered to prepare prime rib for this event.  I'll  put details of both options on this site. 

We re-emphsised the importance of getting as many classmates as possible to a least sign up on this site so we have contact info.  Please if you are in contact with any class member that has not signed up try to shame them into signing up.   Charles Armstead is a member on and stated that many of our class were member on that site.  Charles will try and direct them to this site.

Christie also agreed to be a co-administrator on this site.  As we get committees together later there will be other co-admins. 

I will be updating this site to reflect details on all the events etc that have been decieded.  Please check periodically for updates.  

Now I have some good news and some bad news.  First, the bad news - 

As with everything else in this old world, reunions cost money.   We are doing our best to keep the individual cost at a very minimum for everyone and still have a great experience.  But there is room rentals, food, drinks, security, banking charges, bus, and the like that are a reality.   I will be adding the Donation Section to the site soon.  At this site you can make donations to the reunion via PayPal or credit card.  Of course, nothing is required but we can all pitch in a little to off set the inevitable cost.  I w

Now the good, no great, news !!    We have a white knight riding in on a tiger.  Classmate Perry N. Henderson attended the planning meeting.  Perry very graciously offered to pay for the room rental ($500) and meals for everyone for the Saturday night dinner, a total of around $2,000 !  Don't know what to say but "thanks".   I will be setting up an account for us at a local bank to handle all donations.  I'll post all transactions on this site.   BUT, as great as this is, don't put it all on Perry or a few others.  Do your part, there are other expenses and we might even have enough left over for our next reunion.   Like any telethon any amount will help - $5, $10, $20 or whatever.  

We will have another meeting in a couple of months, until then lets use this site for back and forth communication about our 50th 

Thanks to everyone - Lynn