--------------UNDER CONSTUCTION--------------

Soon to add a list of activities that we might want to consider and be opening this subject up for ideas and discussion. 

Because of my little station, I have been involved in couple of dozen class reunion over the past eight years. 

We will expand this page a bunch, but here are a couple of things to start thinking about that other classes have done over the past few years. 

1. Sat golf tournement.  Vic Chambers is our class resident golfer.  I got with him and if we decide to have a golf outting Vic has agreed to help out. 

2. Friday evening "Meet and Greet"  Informal event to get together, get registration/badges etc  info out, coordinate the Sat activity.  Have to find a place.  Class of '67 met on the courthouse sq, had music and drinks and hamburgers cooked onsite.  City blocked off the street.  

3.  Tour of Snyder (Sat morning).  We did this for Class of '65.  Drew Bullard and I were the narrators.  Got the bus from WTC.  Met at the high school for a guided tour, went to the Museum for a tour, went to my Sinclair station for popcorn, '66 music, pictures with vintage '66 car and the station and tour of the station.  Then went to the Heritage Village at the coliseum for a tour.  Along the way we point out old hangouts, went down Thrill Hill, and had great conversation on the bus about "what was here when", "I remember when we...... over there". Went to a light lunch afterwards.